Selected Stories

What Race/Related Loved in 2017 - The New York Times

Nina Simone in Liberia - Guernica, June 2017 (Monrovia, Liberia)

'Spoiling the Belly': The Dangers of Backstreet Abortions in Liberia - Women and Girls Hub, News Deeply, April 2017

As Ebola Wanes, Tuberculosis Spikes in Liberia - STAT/Boston Globe, March 2016 (Monrovia, Liberia)

The West African Ebola Outbreak: A Retrospective - Ebola Deeply, January 2016 (Monrovia, Liberia)

The West African Ebola Outbreak: Lessons Learned From 37 Experts - Ebola Deeply, January 2016 (Monrovia, Liberia)

Op-Ed: What Ebola Taught Us About The Power of Stories - The Huffington Post, January 2016 (Monrovia, Liberia)

Josiah Kormie: Love for Medicine Keeps You Working in a Crisis - Ebola Deeply, January 2016 (Monrovia, Liberia)

After Ebola: We've Been Singing the Oxygen Song Since Last Week - Ebola Deeply, September 2015 (Monrovia, Liberia)

Seven Things to Understand About the RVSV-ZEBOV Ebola Vaccine - Global Health Hub, August 2015 (Monrovia, Liberia)

Ebola: The Transformation of Redemption Hospital - World Policy Institute, August 2015 (Monrovia, Liberia)

The Long Read: Unlocking Ebola's Secrets Through Genome Sequencing - Ebola Deeply, July 2015 (Monrovia, Liberia)

Uncertainty in a Liberian Village, as Officials Confirm New Cases of Ebola - Ebola Deeply, July 2015 (Nedowein, Liberia)

The Culture Factor: Fighting Ebola with Anthropology - Ebola Deeply, October 2014 (London)

Mistrust of Government Spurs Ebola Spread - IRIN Africa, August 2014 (Nairobi, Kenya)

Prison Conditions in Cameroon: Three Poems - Muse Journal, Summer 2014 (New York)

Malian Women Lashed and Forced to Marry Amid Intense Fighting - Reuters Foundation, February 2013 (Bamako, Mali)

First the Rain, Then Cholera - Deutsche Presse Agentur, September 2012 (Dakar, Senegal)

The House that Doe Built - Guernica, May 2012 (Monrovia, Liberia)

In Monrovia, Charles Taylor's Wife Awaits His Verdict - Christian Science Monitor, April 2012 (Monrovia, Liberia)

The Driver - Guernica, October 2011 (Benghazi, Libya)

Libya: Specialist Health Clinics in Benghazi Desperate for Support - IRIN Africa, May 2011 (Benghazi, Libya)

Benghazi Hospitals Struggle to Treat War-Wounded - IRIN Africa, April 2011 (Benghazi, Libya)

West Africa Charts Progress in Malaria Prevention - Voice of America, April 2010 (Dakar, Senegal)

Clinic to Fight Taboo of Female Mutilation  - The National, May 2009 (Bobo-Dialousso, Burkina Faso)

Health and Economy: Liberians Drop Rice for Spaghetti - BBC News, April 2008 (Monrovia, Liberia)

Lassa Fever Prevention Failing - IRIN Africa, February 2008 (Bong County, Liberia)

D.R.Congo: The Blood Keeps Flowing - IRIN Africa November 2007 (Masisi, D.R. Congo)

Health Care After Liberia's War: Sometimes You Wonder if Peace is Worthwhile - The Independent, May 2007 (Monrovia, Liberia)

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